Case Studies

Brenchley Manor

The Restoration of a beautiful Kent Manor House

We were privileged to be awarded the contract to re-roof this beautiful 16th century house. Our brief was to ensure that the work was carried out to exacting standards with the minimum disruption and mess.  We were also limited to a 15 week period on site from erection of scaffold to final completion.

Before commencing we had to take a full photographic survey to ensure all detailing was replicated or improved.  Before stripping the roof we built and tiled a control model on the ground incorporating all ridge, hip, ridge and verge details

  • We had to have a full bat survey and create entrances for bats at ridge level
  • Scaffold was erected and all boarded lifts covered in polythene to stop any debris falling on ground.
  • Roofs all stripped of existing tiles and lathes
  • Rafters all de-nailed and treated with odourless wood preservative: Wykamol
  • New breathable membrane Tyvek Supro installed
  • New oak tilt filets fitted
  • New brash 25 x 38 battens fitted with 65mm galvanised nails.

Heavy duty roofing felt removed from central gully and internal flat roof; Both areas re-boarded and clad with code 6 and 7 lead to LSA specifications. Nicholson stainless steel ventilators used to provide ventilation to underside of lead. Also all re-boarding carried out with 6 x1 sawn boarding fixed with penny gaps

All tiles re-hung with 40mm alloy peg drops. All inner roof elevations had been re-tiled in past with poor quality nib tiles. We had to source 18000 top quality reclaimed old Kent peg tiles

  • All chimneys were re-flashed.
  • Verges were set on lime mortar without undercloak as per original detail
  • Ridge tiles were back bedded on lime mortar as per original detail.
  • All chimneys were re-pointed with lime mortar.
  • Open lead valleys were replaced with valley tiles.
  • All lead canopies and porches were renewed in code 6 lead.
  • New cast iron Heritage guttering was installed

I am very proud of this project. Despite having 3 weeks of rain and instructions for an additional two weeks work, I delivered it on time and on budget. My clients and the conservation officer were extremely happy and I got paid!!